Project Management Services

RMCis your resource for all things project/construction management...

We specialize in independent third party inspections, project management, construction management, bid reviews, and contractor selection.  We can facilitate the effective execution of all of your large scale projects.  From start to finish.

Your Safe Way

RMC’s project consulting and management services is your sure fire way to ensure your community’s large scale projects are completed thoroughly, on budget, and in a timely manner. RMC will wrangle in all of the moving parts of your capital improvement projects and help deliver the end results you are looking for.

We offer full service project management from start to finish. Let RMC guide your community through your entire project’s lifecycle, from performing preliminary inspections, creating a comprehensive bid package, to making sure your final punch list items are executed in a timely manner.

RMC is your one stop shop for project consulting and management. We are experienced in managing all sized projects and can protect your assets against contractor mismanagement and error.

Pick and choose the
services that will best
assist you in accomplishing
your goals

RMC can provide a individual, specific, services to suite your project goals. Think of this as a ‘a la carte’ menu for your community’s needsprepare all of your bid documents, attend pre-bid and bid meetings, and drive your community through the entire bid process to ensure your community receives comparable proposals, allowing you to choose the right vendor for your most complicated projects.

Your Reliable Partner

We will participate as much, or as little, as you require to ensure your projects are successfully completed. Many communities simply require assistance with the creation of bid documents. Others need RMC to create bid documents, but also request our expertise on the remainder of the bid process: chairing pre-bid and bid meetings, analyzing and reviewing submitted bids for consistency. Ensuring that each contractor is submitting bids on the exact same repair specifications and are using the same materials is of paramount importance. The scope of work we draft will give the contractors step by step instructions of what work needs to be completed to perform the job correctly. The material specifications and take-off data provided to you and the prospective contractors will detail what supplies to use and how much will be needed.

Other communities are comfortable managing the bid process but are seeking professionals to manage and oversee their large scale projects to completion. We excel in driving your contractors to perform and meet deadlines. It’s also critical to have an expert on your side to ensure all work is completed in accordance with project specifications.

Need something repaired on your home or building? RMC will draft the proper repair specifications and provide you with the appropriate architectural details to ensure proper completion.